Poultry Nipples.
Yes, it’s a thing. A useful thing that I saw in my local feed store’s chick brooder, my first year raising chicks.
Now I use one quart honey pails and poultry nipples in all the brooders. With lids, a small hole drilled in each top to prevent a vacuum as the water level drops.
The first couple years, I spent lots of time picking up chicks and tapping their little beaks against the nipples. Now I don’t bother, their natural curiosity and intelligence leads them to tap the nipples anyway, and they teach themselves. If I get a slow group, I add a few couple-day older chicks from the next brooder up, they soon teach the sluggards.
The label says “adult birds only”, but I don’t know why they are x-rated, they work great for my chicks.
Keeping waterers clean is a losing battle in the chick brooder, one I’m glad I don’t have to fight.