My white Silkie breeding group produced lots of quality chicks over the 2017 season, and I hatched a couple more colours this year to add some diversity to the flock.

I am growing out three partridge and three blue/black, one of them a frizzle. They are not sexed yet, but the plan is to keep one male and most of the females.


boy, girl, girl???

With their distinctive curly feathers, Frizzles look frazzled. They are excellent foragers and broodies, but a bit fussy to keep, because their feathers don’t protect them from the elements. Next year, if all goes well, we will produce sizzle (Silkie x frizzle) chicks.

Gentle little souls, Silkies seem to do best with silkies or other calm breeds. Mine don’t like to free range, and if they can be persuaded out of their homey pen, never stray more than a few feet away. They make good lap chickens too. Some people put diapers on them and keep them indoors. House chickens aren’t for me, they produce a lot of dust and dander and I don’t want that all through the house. Maybe I will keep a house chicken when I am an old, eccentric, crazy chicken lady.