After hatching 400+ chicks last year, I know well how much work it is raising chicks, and how hard to do so profitably. This year, I will take it easier, hatch a few to refresh my own flocks, encourage my broodies to do much of the work for me and mostly sell hatching eggs instead.

But before I can offer my eggs, I need to test fertility and hatchability, so I have a client doing a test hatch. So far, a week into incubation, fertility looks great, at least on the eggs she can see into when she candles. The Marans and Olive Egger eggs tend to keep their secrets for longer than the Wyandottes and Legbars.

Upon hearing her news, I am struggling a bit now, wavering in my resolve to keep life simpler…I want to set some eggs! Good heavens, if I feel this way now, how bad will it get when her chickies hatch !?! I think I have a chicken addiction, and the cravings are getting stronger.

Wish me luck.