My cookie cutter collection gained a very special, precious addition today when the parcel from my cousin A arrived. ❤️ My cousins are so good to me.
This jaunty gentleman was my grandmother’s. She has been gone for many years. ❤️ I am beyond thrilled.
He looks to be vintage early to mid-century, so he is much older than me, and I’m no spring chicken!

He spent his life in a northern Alberta farmhouse, pressed into service to make cookies for my Grandpa, Grandma and their seven children who are children no longer, but well into their seventies, most of them.
I remember making peanut butter cookies in Grandma’s big wood fired kitchen stove with my cousin S, but I don’t remember using this guy.
I don’t have one like him in my collection either, and that is unusual. With more than 150, it isn’t often these days that I come across a new one.
Cousin A knew where he belonged. ❤️