I think my Muck boots are finally done for. The most comfy, springy boots I have ever owned, they still cushion each step like a cloud. Toasty warm and waterproof in the rain/ice/snow, airy in the warmer weather, I love how they go on and off hands free with the help of the back door boot jack. But they are disintegrating.


After more than five years of daily use, the neoprene is as parched as the Gobi desert and the seams are splitting. Left boot sprang its first leak this past spring but I coped. It IS possible to get through most puddles with one good boot and a little invention.

With no puddles in the barnyard for a while now, and none expected anytime soon, I know I can make this pair last a couple more months. But in October, or maybe November, whenever the rains start in earnest, I will have to retire my faithful old footwear and pull out the shiny new pair I got online, exactly the same style, size and colour as the old ones. “Why fix what ain’t broken?” I thought as I ordered them.

I am looking forward to pulling out my new boots. When I think of them, waiting in their box in the laundry room, I get a hint of that same shivery excited feeling I used to get as a small child, when Mom would give me September’s new school shoes. Happiness can truly be as uncomplicated as a new pair of shoes, no matter what age you are.