Here’s about half of what gardener K brought me today as my share of her latest harvest. Italian stallion, Roma, Stripey, Moneymaker and a few Chocolate Cherry. With the fall rains now beginning in earnest, she decided to get ahead of the black rot and mould this year.

Some took up residence on window ledges. Some got tucked away in brown paper bags. Some still on the vine and others not. Every day I will inspect, and as they redden up, I will move them into zip lock bags in the freezer. That is, those we don’t eat along the way. We should have fresh tomatoes till early December.

And all winter long I will have tomatoes for soups, stews, spaghettis, etc.  I use my frozen tomatoes in place of tomato sauce in recipes, employing the “grab and chuck in” technique.

Putting up tomatoes this way is, hands down, the most effortless food preservation technique ever. It takes no time, no equipment, no work and no thought. I love it.

I must remember to process some seed too, before they’re are all gone.