It has been a week since Miss Splash indicated that she had learned her lesson and I am happy to report that she continues to cooperate. She hasn’t gone so far as to hang out underfoot at the barn while I feed, but faithfully waits for us at the corner of the paddock every day.


As we pass by she attaches herself to the edge of things, and she enters the pen flawlessly. Always one of the last birds in, she keeps half an eye on me at all times, but she cooperates. Such a smart bird.


To ease her fears, my new plan is to throw her a treat every time I run into her around the barnyard. I bet I’ll have her eating out of my hand in no time.


Eight eggs on this cold, wet winter day from this amazing little group of eleven hens and a rooster and maybe more to come before nightfall. My Wyandottes lay more than any other heritage breed I have ever owned. And they are beautiful to boot. I highly recommend this breed.