The lilies, roses, chrysanthemums and decadent champagne dark chocolate truffles from my dear husband are delightful, but daughter K trumped her Dad’s spoiling today. I don’t know how long it took, I was inside working at my desk, but this afternoon, she dug me a path. From the back door to the barn! And all around the coops! And from the coops to the horse water! It’s life-altering in its own small, meaningful way.


Can you spot her way out there?

Nice and wide and right down to the grass (the grass! <3). That means no more struggling out there multiple times a day. I shall stroll. And not only that, this path is wheelbarrow-ready! The snow will take weeks to melt in our muddy valley, it always does,  but I will be able to do some clean up out there this weekend. Mucking out I wasn’t physically able to do while navigating two feet of snow. It was hard enough keeping everyone fed and watered.


Just a small part of the snow she moved

The snow means my birds stay penned in their damp muddy yards. I tried leting the black chickens free range yesterday, but the snow is much taller than chickens. One hen didn’t make it home at all, spending the night who-knows-where. She reappeared this morning, wanting nothing more than back in her coop; a wish I quickly obliged.

 Now I will be able to clean the coops. This will make my chickens comfortable, which will make me and my chickens very happy. So basically dear K has made a difference in the lives of around a hundred souls with her generous work today. Impactful, I’d say.

My new paths have about two inches of fresh snow on them tonight, but it should turn to rain later on, and be back down to grass by the morning. When I shall meander out to do my morning chores.

What a nice person. Her Dad and I musta done something right! ❤️❤️❤️❤️