A week in and the snow is old now. Crusty and heavy and littered everywhere with bits and pieces. Flotsam and jetsam. We still have more than a foot of it in the fields though! And I continue to be thankful for my grassy, muddy paths.

I tried to use one of the packed snow paths yesterday, and darned near threw a knee out. Our slick mud doesn’t seem near as slippery as usual; it certainly provides much more traction than ice.

Most Canadian smallholders – anyone with a yard they need to get around in during winter really – knows the value of a thoroughly-cleared pathway much more than I did until this year. Here in lotus land, where snow doesn’t keep well, we haven’t needed these winter factoids. But we’re learning. Plus getting a better sense of the chilly conditions our fellow citizens cope with all winter long. Brrrrrrrr. All the respect to my prairie and central Canada-dwelling relatives, friends and co-workers. The coast is getting a taste this year of your every-winter reality. And isn’t the sky so blue against the snow! ❤️