Garlic scape season and what to do with five hundred scapes, all ready at once?

Other years, I’ve chopped and frozen them in ziplock bags, grabbing handfuls all winter long for stir fries and spaghetti sauce. Or I made and froze pesto in ice cube trays (water based and olive oil based, the water based was better). This year, inspired by my sister who used her dehydrator to make garlic powder last year, I dried them and made garlic scape powder.

It’s really good! A more subtle garlic flavour that, as DH says, “creeps up on you”. I imagine it would be great on popcorn, as well as making a good cookery seasoning. Two big brown paper grocery sacks full made about six cups of powder. That means it takes up WAY less space than my other methods. Plus it doesn’t depend on a freezer. 

And if we don’t get through it all before next spring when the scapes are ready again, it will be great to sprinkle over my chickens’ food as a spring tonic.