In 1998 we bought a 1970’s ‘BC box’ family home in need of updating and a small acreage on southern Vancouver Island and moved in with our little ones – ages three, eight and ten.

Fast forward 20 years; many family adventures, lots of renovations, a few dogs (currently 3) and a few horses (currently 1) and donkeys (currently 2),  way too many short-lived cats and a bunch of birds, rats, and guinea pigs later; and here we are, middle aged with our three beautiful daughters all grown up.

All three girls traveled, and schooled, and lived on their own, and two are now back home again for now. Youngest is a temporary pandemic refugee; middle is a couple hours away, and oldest moved back, with an environmental technology diploma in her back pocket and few years of working under her belt, and built herself a tiny home. The next goal for her is a chunk of land, and until then, we enjoy a successful illustrator, motivated farm manager and ambitious resident gardener.

Like many others, we have grown more interested in self-sustainability, in trying to live more  lightly on our beautiful planet, in eating contaminate-free healthy happy food and in reducing our participation in the consumer-driven world. We spend a lot less time at the mall, and a lot more time outside with work gloves on than we did ten or twenty years ago.

I have also discovered the wonderful world of chickens. In 2012 I got my first six day-old chicks, and now in 2020 I have several flocks and enjoy breeding and selling hatching eggs and a few young birds. I like to write too, thus this blog.




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