The best thing about the cold is the lack of mud, here in our muddy valley. The standing water in the Tarzan Tree field is ice, the pond is a rink (no, I haven’t), and the ground is hard and dry. And the Polish birds have clean crests!
The worst thing about the cold is managing the water situation. Breaking ice, defrosting water founts and hauling hot water out to the barnyard several times a day.
We really aren’t set up for this weather, but there is no point in a climate that does this for two weeks once every ten years. So we cope.
I turn the chicken waterers upside down at night, then dip them in hot water in the mornings to give the birds a warm drink to go with their warm mash. I can take a five gallon bucket in the wheelbarrow, plus a two gallon bucket in each hand, at the same time, if I walk slowly.
It is nice working out in the cold crisp air, especially when it is sunny. And cozy sitting by the warm fireplace in the evening. Despite the extra work, I’m enjoying this winter weather.