I love my two “lumberjack shirts”. Lightweight and warm, they have lots of pockets and take a beating out in the barnyard.

I have found that if I ignore the rips I inevitably get, they inevitably grow. Luckily recycled blue jean patches and a zigzag stitch fix things up quite satisfactorily and cost nothing but time.


Today my new black plaid shirt got its first battle dressings, and once that was taken care of I examined my old red one with a critical eye. Hmmmmmm. Patches on patches, and now it needed more. A hand-me-down from DH some ten years ago, it’s getting pretty threadbare. Is it worth it to repair again? When am I going to stop (AKA “let go”)?

When the zipper gives up, I decided, then I will too, and I picked up my scissors to cut another, rather big, patch.