A recent CBC poll of 4500 Canadians found 52 per cent of Canadians polled either strongly or somewhat agree with the statement: “The government doesn’t do anything for me.”
What the hell is wrong with these people?
They take our country for granted. If you go to the doctor or drive on a road or send your child to school or buy food with confidence that it is as labelled or take public transit or an airplane or feel safe in your home or workplace or plan to collect CPP or baby bonus or disability or put your money in the bank or rely on the fact that you won’t be shot walking down the street, or enjoy any aspect of life in this wonderful, peaceful country of ours, the government does something for you.
Don’t like this year’s flavour of government? Vote for another in our reliable, safe, gerrymander-free elections. Believe me, Canadian political party differences are minimal. No matter who leads Canada, daily life doesn’t change a lot. I am so grateful to live here, to be Canadian. So fortunate, as we all are. Get your heads outta your butts, 52%. You reap the benefits of living under Canada’s stable, freely elected government every day of your lives. Your Canadian government is the envy of much of the world. Those of us who were born Canadian won the birth lottery, those of us who were not strove hard to become Canadian. People die trying to get here. Be grateful. Be aware of your good fortune. Be happy.