Hoppy the White faced Spanish chicken passed away late Tuesday evening at the age of five, four short days after suffering the catastrophic loss of her next door neighbour and bosom buddy BattleChicken. Always a very determined little chicken, Hoppy evidently decided she wanted to be with Battle in the Great Beyond. 

In her youth, Hoppy faced incredible adversity, which she overcame courageously (see Hoppy’s Story). After a nocturnal predator attack and the loss of her sisters, a long recovery including learning to walk on her remaining leg, being brutalized by her flock and cast out for her differences and then her brave decision to become a refugee, Hoppy finally found her peace in the black chicken flock and a best friend in BattleChicken.

She was looking great a couple of weeks ago! Her comb was reddening and I thought she might resume laying soon. Having handled her just yesterday, checking in because I could tell she was feeling down, I know she was not sick, her weight was good and her respiration clear. 

And so, in the absence of any signs to the contrary, I can only assume that our tenacious little Hoppy died of a broken heart.

RIP Hoppy, it has been a real honour knowing you. I imagine that you are running free, your bum leg restored and a sparkle in your eye, finally able to keep up with Battle as you range side-by-side across that sunny bug-filled barnyard in the sky.